Brick & Mortar Tinting Exeter

Are you looking for brick and mortar tinting services in Exeter or beyond? Then we have you covered! Our brick tinting services will be the ideal solution if you have recently added an extension, brickwork repairs, or something similar to your home where your brickwork no longer matches. Sometimes matching the brickwork can be difficult, especially when it comes to older buildings, this is where brick and mortar tinting can be hugely beneficial to you. It offers a quick and cost-effective solution. With our team of experts, we will colour match the brickwork perfectly, so that you will receive a seamless finish. You won’t even know that your extension wasn’t part of your original building home. With this in mind, why not get in touch with us to arrange a free quotation?

What is Brick Tinting?

Brick tinting is the process of colour matching the original brick work of a property and then staining the additional bricks that do not match the current brickwork. This could be brand new bricks on an extension, or bricks added after remedial work that simply do not match. For more information on this process, do not hesitate to contact us.

Cost Effective Solution

Trying to find the perfect match for your current brickwork can often be time-consuming and expensive – including rendering or painting the brickwork. This is where brick tinting can be the ideal solution, as it offers a quick and effective solution that doesn’t cost the earth. To arrange a free quote for our brick tinting services for your property, call our team today.

Long Lasting & UV Resistant

The process of colour matching your bricks is a proven method and has many benefits. Some of which include:

Call South West Wall Ties For Brick & Mortar Tinting Services

For expert brick and mortar tinting services in Exeter and beyond, give our skilled team a call today.

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