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Do you have cracked or rust stained brickwork on your property? It could be time to replace your wall ties. With many years in the trade, our experienced team can help to find a solution that will leave your structure strong for many years to come. Our experienced team will diagnose the problem and find a suitable solution whether it be a repair, removal or replacement. Furthermore, we cater to a range of project sizes from small houses to large scale commercial buildings, get in touch today to speak to a professional.

Wall Tie Services

Cavity wall ties can fail over time due to location, poor maintenance, or construction defects. Our repair and replacement services cover a wide range of tie types for a vast range of properties. We can cater to the following:

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Wall Tie Isolation & Removal

With the thicker Fishtail type ties, it is necessary to isolate (disconnect) the ties from the outer wall. In some instances, it is essential that wall ties are removed before causing any serious or harmful damage. This is a priority when ties continue to corrode as they can force brickwork further apart. While it may seem tempting to remove them yourself it is better left to the professionals. We will use specialist equipment to safely extract the ties and replace them with new ones if necessary. For the thin wire Butterfly type ties, usually these can be left connected as they don’t have much iron in them to cause any damage from expanding. 

Replacement Service

If you require a replacement, it is essential that it is carried out by a trained professional to ensure the structure and safety of the property. Our trained team will install your new wall tie safely and securely for a long-lasting finish. All designs are available in range of cavity widths and lengths to suit all building types. Additionally, they all include a drip detail that prevents transmission of water across the cavity and a 25 year warranty. As members of the Wall Tie Installers Federation, we can offer 25 year insurance backed warranties. These are underwritten by Lloyds of London and are transferable to a new owner at no extra cost.
The Property Care Association can only offer 10 year warranties currently.

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If you have an enquiry, please do not hesitate, to get in touch with our friendly and dependable team. We are here to help, every step of the way!

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