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If you are looking for local wall tie experts in Exeter and the wider South West, we have you covered. With many years in the trade, our specialist services include wall tie surveys, repairs and replacement to ensure that your wall is left sturdy and standing for many years to come. In addition, we offer all of our customers free quotations so you can plan ahead. Call now, to get started. 

What Is A Wall Tie?

Wall ties are strips of metal used in buildings with cavity walls to join the two parts of a wall together allowing it to function as one solid unit. Although they are hidden from view after a construction, ties play a vital role in wall structure and stability therefore it is essential that they are functioning properly. 

Wall Tie Corrosion

Failure is an increasing problem with cavity wall ties that are produced from galvanised steel. Most ties are generally made from metal such as iron or steel which can cause them to corrode over time. When the thicker fishtail type ties corrode, they can expand in size which causes the ties to lift the brickwork or distort it and eventually even break off. This combined can leave parts of buildings vulnerable to larger problems later down the line which could be both hazardous and more expensive. Just a few of the warning signs to look out for include:

How Long Do Wall Ties Last?

In older houses, mostly those that were built before the mid 1980s, you can typically expect the ties to last for around 40 to 80 years. However, for properties built after this, wall ties made out of stainless steel can last much longer.

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